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Sparkling ProWein Presence of the German Wine Institute 2019

Sekt sabrieren webLehdistötiedote, helmikuu 2019

New DWI Pavilion with Generation Riesling alongside

“Germany Sparkles – Such is the slogan of the German Wine Institute (DWI) at this year´s ProWein Trade Fair in Düsseldorf. At the completely redesigned exhibitor´s pavilion in Hall 13 (13C 100), 20 examples of German sparkling wines (Sekt) will be available for open tasting. They are the prizewinning entries - from a total of 200 submitted samples - chosen by an eleven-strong panel of judges of renowned Sekt experts from ten countries. The top three will be revealed at the DWI Stand on Sunday, 17.03.2019, at 11:00h and presented with an award certificate “Germany´s Best Sparkling Wines (Sekt)”.

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Riesling kakku pysty Ellu rajattuTiedote 29.1.2019

Onneksi olkoon Riesling 13.3.2019!
Leivo oma Riesling-kakku Rieslingin syntymäpäivän kunniaksi ja osallistu kilpailuun!

  • Saksan Rieslingistä löytyy ensimmäinen virallinen merkintä 13.3.1435
  • Osallistu kakkukilpailuun ja voita 100 euron lahjakortti valitsemaasi ravintolaan
  • Synttäreitä juhlitaan 13.3.2019

Klaus Kleinfisch, kreivi Johann IV von Katzenelnbogenin sijaishallitsija, osti viiniköynnöksiä istutettaviksi Rüsselsheimiin, (kaupunki, jossa valmistetaan Opel-autoja) Frankfurtin lähellä sijaitsevaan viinitarhaan. 13.3.1435 päivätyssä myyntiasiakirjassa mainitaan sana "Riesling" virallisesti ensimmäistä kertaa.

Toki viittauksia rypäleeseen on varhaisemmastakin, mutta tästä asiakirjasta juontuu Rieslingin syntymäpäiväksi maaliskuun 13. päivä. Alkuperäinen lainaus asiakirjasta kuuluu: "umb seczreben rießlingen in die wingarten" eli kauppa koski kuutta Riesling-viiniköynnöstä viinitarhaan.


Syntymäpäivän kunniaksi Saksan Viinitiedotus järjestää kakkukilpailun. Kilpailuun voi osallistua 24.2.2019 saakka. Leivo kakku, sytytä kynttilä ja lähetä kuva kakusta Instaan sekä meille reseptin kera osoitteeseen Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.. Ohjeet ilmoittautumiseen ja kilpailun säännöt löytyvät http://www.saksanviinitiedotus.fi/riesling-kakkukilpailu. Inspiraationa toimii ruokatoimittaja Tiina Rantasen tekemä esimerkkikakku.

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Eiswein Brings Perfect Close to Germany’s 2018 Vintage

Lehdistötiedote tammikuu 2019

GefroreneTraubeThanks to the frosty temperatures from January 19 – 22, numerous winemakers in nearly every German winegrowing region successfully harvested Eiswein (ice wine) grapes, reports the German Wine Institute (DWI). Eiswein-quality fruit may only be harvested at temperatures of -7°C and below. The colder it is, the more intense the concentration within the grapes, which is considered a huge benefit in very sweet berries like those of the '18 vintage. Because the grapes tended to be very large yet extraordinarily healthy, this year saw widespread willingness to leave a portion hanging in the hopes of an Eiswein harvest.

In many regions, temperatures fell to -10°C this past days, marking an appropriate window for bringing in this naturally sweet specialty that is typically made from Riesling, Spätburgunder, Silvaner or Chardonnay.

Two wineries in the Nahe winegrowing region did manage to bring in a Riesling Eiswein harvest back on December 26 at temperatures of -8°C; another winery in Erzingen, near Lake Constance in Southern Germany, harvested Spätburgunder January 9.

Yet the record for the earliest 2018 Eiswein harvest goes to an estate in the Saale-Unstrut region, which dipped to the necessary low temperatures on November 28. Those Gewürztraminer grapes brought in at -7°C temperatures are not intended for sale, however, but rather as a dosage in a sparkling wine made from the same variety.

Lush flavors and low alcohol

Eiswein is considered the crowning glory of any vintage. What makes it so special is the dense concentration of grape extracts. Frosty conditions freeze the water content within the berry, which ultimately remains in the wine press. The juice then drips into the vats as sweet as honey. Musts with these levels of sugar are difficult for the yeast to process into wine. As a result, Eiswein tends to have very high natural sugar levels, typically exceeding 100 grams per liter, yet with low alcohol levels of just seven percent by volume, a major difference from sweet wines from warmer countries.

Yet this tremendous residual sugar still has a refreshing burst of acidity that keeps the wines from being cloying. They are highly popular internationally as both a rarity and specialty.

Eiswein is a tremendous companion to festive occasions, not to mention a lovely aperitif on its own. It beautifully complements fruity deserts, ice cream and sorbet.


Noble-Sweet Wines Crown 2018 Vintage: Find List of Producers

Lehdistötiedote, marraskuu 2018

csm Reifegrade e7a25cdb89Nature has been very generous to German vineyards this year. Vintners are blessed with an outstanding 2018 vintage. Find the results of The German Weininstitut's (DWI) latest survey among estates that harvested Trockenbeerenauslese berries this year or still expect them to be picked.

As DWI (i.e. Wines of Germany HQ) points out, this year's 2018 noble-sweet specialties will be unique because berries were extraordinarily healthy when they dried into raisins.

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Germany´s grape harvest 2018 delivers top qualities and quantities

Lehdistötiedote, lokakuu 2018

Trauben 1280 864The 2018 harvest will go down in history as a truly outstanding vintage. Despite the extreme water shortages, this year´s yields have turned out unexpectedly high even for the experts. After last year´s below-average crops and correspondingly depleted cellar stocks, latest estimates expect a wine must harvest nationwide of approx. 10.7 million hectolitres. According to the German Wine Institute (DWI), this would correspond to a 23 per cent rise over the 10-year mean of 8.8 million hectolitres, resulting in the largest harvest since 1999. However, the estimated volume increases vary widely between the regions, ranging from 5 per cent in Saale-Unstrut, to 36 per cent in the Mosel and up to 64 per cent in the Mittelrhein.

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Viini & Ruoka 2018-messut Helsingin Messukeskuksessa 25–28.10.2018

Lehdistötiedote, lokakuu 2018

Tutustu Saksan Viinitiedotuksen osastolla 5m49 maan laadukkaaseen viinituotantoon

  • viini ja ruoka logoSaksan Viinitiedotuksen osastolla esitellään maan laadukasta viinituotantoa runsain
    valikoimin - mukana osastolla myös Wineconsale, Wineworld Finland sekä Vinum Import.
  • Tunnetut viinitilalliset Jochen Dreissigacker, Stefan Winter ja Philip Wittmann pitävät
    yhdessä Riesling Master Class -yleisöluennon torstaina 25.10. klo 16.30.
  • Lauantaina 27.10. tunnettu viinimestari, ravintola Vinkkelin Antti Uusitalo kertoo Saksan
    klassisista rypälelajikkeista ja maistattaa kuutta oivaa esimerkkiviiniä maan
    monimuotoisesta tarjonnasta.

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German wine growers optimistic as main harvest gets underway

main harvest Germany optimisticLehdistötiedote, 29.8.2018

Water supply paramount in determining quality and quantity

As picking commences for Germany´s main harvest, which in most wine regions has begun exceptionally early this year, wine producers look forward to a vintage of overall very good qualities and promising crop sizes. However, the German Wine Institute (DWI) has emphasized that ripeness and yield prospects in the vineyards depend heavily on the water supply, which at this stage is extremely diverse, not only in the individual regions but even within single sites.

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Germany Set For It's Earliest Ever Grape Harvest

Lehdistötiedote 30.7.2018

After a warm spring and a very sunny midsummer German grape harvest is due to begin unusually early this year. The first grapes for the young wine 'Federweißer' will be picked in the wine-growing region Rheinhessen on 6 August already, which is earlier than ever before.

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Early flowering in Germany’s wine regions

20080108 01 09 037 A41

Lehdistötiedote 30.5.2018

Summery temperatures observed throughout spring in Germany's winegrowing regions lead to high hopes regarding the vintage year of 2018. At present it is estimated that the vines are developing approximately two weeks ahead of the long-standing average.

Therefore, early flowering is being observed in most of the 13 wine growing regions already. Assuming the weather conditions remain decent, the grapes will need another solid three months to achieve optimal ripeness levels.

Warmest april since year of 1881

Since weather conditions were perfect in april – in fact average temperatures were the warmest since april 1881 – vintners have seen huge growth in their vineyards during the past week. The concern is now that individual shoots might break due to heavy loads when e.g. rain hits the vineyard. Vintners will have to foster their vines carefully now.

Each year producers track the flowering stage with great anticipation as smooth flowering is a positive indicator for a good harvest to come whereas cool temperatures during flowering lead to a smaller fruit set and ultimately a smaller yield.



Riesling & Spätburgunder -viikot 14.–26.5.2018

RS-viikot logo

Lehdistötiedote kevät 2018

Saksalaiset viinit tuovat kevään pöytään yli 50 ravintolassa ympäri Suomen

  • Keväiseen riehaan osallistuu yli 50 maineikasta ravintolaa 14 paikkakunnalta.
  • Kaksiviikkoinen kevätkampanja järjestetään tänä vuonna kahdeksatta kertaa.
  • Ravintolat tarjoavat keväisen herkullisia elämyksiä, kuten teemamenuita, viinitilallisten vierailuja, tastingeja, viiniharvinaisuuksia, valikoimien runsautta ja yllätyksiä.

Saksan Viinitiedotus järjestää toukokuussa 2018 kahdeksatta kertaa perinteeksi muodostuneet teemaviikot saksalaisen Rieslingin sekä punaisen Spätburgunderin eli saksalaisen pinot noirin ympärille. Rapsakka Saksan riesling sopii kuin nakutettu kevään herkkujen kuten parsa- ja kala-aterioiden kumppaniksi ja pehmeä Spätburgunder eli pinot noir punaista vaihtoehtoa hamuavalle.

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Vote Now for Germany's Coolest Wines

Lehdistötiedote, helmikuu 2018

Who's the coolest wine of all? The German Wine Institute (DWI) will give wine aficionados and experts their say on the matter through an online voting platform.

At www.germanwines.de/online-voting (English) and www.deutscheweine.de/aktuelles/online-abstimmung (German) they can choose from 20 wines that the DWI has selected as finalists for "Germany's Coolest Wines." Until 11 March each visitor can vote for three different wines, and the top three overall favorites will be announced on

18 March 2018 at the DWI's stand at ProWein, the world's largest wine trade fair.

CoolestWines 0007reflex druck 2


Riesling & The Other Grapes 2018

Lehdistötiedote, tammikuu 2018

Saksalaiset viinitilalliset maistattavat laadukkaita viinejään Vanhalla Ylioppilastalolla

  •  Riesling & The Other Grapes 2018 -tapahtuma järjestetään perinteisesti Vanhalla Ylioppilastalolla maanantaina 9.4.2018
  • Tilaisuudessa voi tutustua yli 30 viinitilallisen sekä maahantuojien edustamiin laadukkaisiin valko- ja punaviineihin.
  • Norjalainen sommelier Ken Engebretsen kertoo tastingissään Silvaner-viineistä. Maisteluun on rajoitetusti paikkoja.

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