Eiswein crowns the 2015 vintage in Germany

Lehdistötiedote 22.1.2016

Eisweintrauben am StockThe wait for the deep freeze was worth it after all. As the German Wine Institute (DWI) announced, on the 18 and 19 January many estates in almost all German wine growing regions were able to harvest grapes (mainly Riesling, Silvaner and Pinot Noir) for the production of Eiswein or ice wine. With temperatures down to minus eleven degrees Celsius, the conditions were perfect, they reported. To qualify for an Eiswein harvest, the thermometer must read at least minus 7 degrees Celsius – the colder the better, as the concentration of grape juice in the berries is increased by low temperatures. The sugar content of this year´s Eiswein was therefore high, with must weights of up to 220 degrees Oechsle. However, with yields ranging from 50 to 300 litres per estate, only relatively small quantities could be brought in.

Over the last weeks, most vintners had already given up hope of making Eiswein. They had either already harvested the grapes as “Beerenauslese” or even been forced to discard a portion, despite the fact that the fruit in 2015 was very healthy and thus ideally suited for an Eiswein harvest. That is why many estates took the risk last year and left the berries to hang on the vine.

German Eiswein are a true speciality and a rarity – the last Eiswein harvest of any size was in 2012. Ice wines from Germany´s wine regions usually have high natural sugar levels of well over 100 grams per litre, but in contrast to dessert wines from southern countries are relatively low in alcohol – often with only seven percent. They make an excellent aperitif and are a perfect complement to fruit-based desserts and ice-cream or sorbets.

Below is a list of estates which had a successful Eiswein crop in 2015.

Winery Wine Growing Region Grape Variety
Winzergenossenschaft Königschaffhausen Baden Pinot Noir
Winzergenossenschaft Achkarren Baden Pinot Gris
WG Rammersweier Baden Riesling
Winzergenossenschaft Glottertal Baden Riesling
Laufener Altenberg Baden  
Winzerkeller Auggener Schäf eG Baden  
Weingut Peter Landmann Baden Cabernet Sauvignon
Weingut Baldauf Franken Silvaner
Becksteiner Winzer Franken Riesling
Weingut Matthias Müller Mittelrhein Riesling
Weingut Lanius-Knab Mittelrhein  
Weingut Werner Mosel Riesling
Weingut Dax Mosel Riesling
Weingut Erben von Beulwitz Mosel  
Weingut Amlinger & Sohn Mosel Riesling
Weingut Dr. Hermann Mosel  
Weingut Lönartz-Thielmann Mosel  
Weingut Dönnhoff Nahe Riesling
Winzergenossenschaft Bergsträßer Winzer Hessische Bergstraße Riesling
Weingut Freiberger Hessische Bergstraße Riesling
Weingut Bus Pfalz Goldmuskateller
Winzergenossenschaft Edenkoben Pfalz Cabernet Mitos
Weingut Josef Spreitzer Rheingau Riesling
Weingut Allendorf Rheingau Riesling
Georg Müller Stiftung Rheingau  
Weingut Geheimrat J. Wegener Rheingau Riesling
Weingut Johannishof Rheingau  
Weingut Josef Spreitzer Rheingau  
Weingut Trenz Rheingau  
Weingut Runkel Rheinhessen Pinot Noir
Weingut Breyer Rheinhessen Silvaner
Weingut Erbes Rheinhessen  
Weingut J. & H. A. Strub Rheinhessen  
Weingut Gerharz-Hochthurn Rheinhessen Silvaner
Weingut Thürkind Saale-Unstrut Riesling
Weingut Pawis Saale-Unstrut Riesling
Kloster Pforta Saale-Unstrut Gewürztraminer
Fellbacher Weingärtner eG Württemberg Pinot Noir and Riesling
Winzergenossenschaft Weinfactum Württemberg  
Weingut Jürgen Ellwanger Württemberg Muskat-Trollinger Rosé
Weingut Schloß Affaltrach Württemberg Trollinger
Weingut Zimmerle Württemberg  
Sankt Annagarten Württemberg Riesling
Weingut Forsthof Württemberg Muskat-Trollinger