German Wine Institute to present aromatic varieties at ProWein

PR Wines of Germany at ProWein 2017

Lehdistötiedote, helmikuu 2017

Generation Riesling Stand with 10 producers

“Bursting with Flavor: Germany´s Aromatics” – Such is the slogan of the German Wine Institute (DWI) at this year´s ProWein Trade Fair in Düsseldorf. From 19 – 21 March, some twenty still and sparkling wines from different aromatic varieties will be available for tasting at the DWI Pavilion in Hall 13 (13A90).


“Germany´s wine regions have a diversity of distinct aromatic varieties which is unparalleled worldwide. With these intensely aromatic wines, we are addressing especially young consumers and want to direct the attention of the trade to this small but nevertheless very interesting and once again growing market segment“, explains DWI managing director Monika Reule.

Mature wines are the focus of two exciting tastings which the DWI is hosting at the ProWein Forum in Hall 13 on the trade fair Sunday and Monday at 12:00h. Under the title “Golden Oldies – Even Better With Age”, Stephen Reinhardt, German wine reviewer for Robert Parker´s Wine Advocate, will present a selection of varietal wines from older vintages. Like all wine presentations at the DWI Stand, the tasting will be held in English to cater to the increasing number of foreign visitors.

Every year at ProWein, the DWI provides international wine merchants, retailers and sommeliers with information on the latest trends and news from the German wine regions. For trade visitors from the Netherlands, there is a special information event on the fair Sunday under the heading “Orange Hour”.

For a small fee to cover expenses, the DWI is this year offering fair visitors three culinary tastings on the theme of wine and oysters. The contributions for this special treat will be donated 100% to the charity “Wine Saves Life”, which supports child and adolescent aid projects at home and abroad.

Moreover, on Monday, 20 March at 9:

30h, the DWI will announce the winners of the joint competition organised by the DWI and Original SELTERS entitled, “Ausgezeichnete Weingastronomie” (Excellent Wine Gastronomy). This is followed at 11:00h by the presentation of the “Fachhandelspreis des Deutschen Weininstituts 2017” (German Wine Institute Trade Award 2017), which is staged in cooperation with the trade journal “Wein + Markt” and supported by the companies Schott Zwiesel and Howasped.

As in previous years, the DWI will provide German wine trade organizations with the opportunity to use their ProWein Stand as a platform. This year visitors are invited to attend presentations by the Silvaner Forum on 19 March, the Saale-Unstrut Winegrowers Association on 20 March and Ecovin on the final day of the fair.

Generation Riesling Presentation

In 2017, Generation Riesling will make its fourth appearance at ProWein in close proximity to the DWI Pavilion. In Hall 13 (Stand B92), ten young winegrowers from four different wine regions will be presenting their wines and concepts, six of them making their debut at the fair.

Under the banner “Generation Riesling – Discover the Future”, selected wines of this young generation will be reviewed at their own stand as well as at the DWI presentation table: on the trade fair Sunday at 11:00h and 14:30h and on the Monday at 12:45h and 15:30h.

Generation Riesling Ex

hibitors at ProWein 2017

  • Weingut Werther Windisch, Rheinhessen

  • Weingut Krämer, Rheinhessen

  • Weingut Lawall-Stöhr, Rheinhessen

  • Weingut Fritz Ekkehard Huff, Pfalz

  • Weingut Benjamin Ehrhart, Pfalz

  • Weingut Sven Klundt, Pfalz

  • Weingut Karst, Pfalz

  • Weingut Sc

    hneiderfritz, Pfalz

  • Weingut Oliver Platz, Mosel

  • Weinschwestern, Württemberg



Overview of DWI Presentations at ProWein 2017

– Hall 13 A90 –


Sunday, 19 March

11:00h Generation Riesling – Discover the Future

12:00h Exciting Silvaners as ambassadors of their origin

The Silvaner Forum presents precise terroir interpretations with striking regional profiles – Hosted by Markus Del Monego MW and Hermann Mengler, Head of Professional Consultancy Oenology, Franconia

14:00h Vineyard meets sea: Oysters a

nd German Wines

Tasting in support of Wine Saves Life e.V.

15:00h Vineyard meets sea: Oysters and German Wines

Tasting in support of Wine Saves Life e.V.

Monday, 20 March

9:30h DWI competition: “Excellent Wine Gastronomy”

Announcement and presentation of awards to the winners 2017

11:00h German Wine Institute Trade Aw

ard 2017

in cooperation with “Wein + Markt” Magazin

Announcement and presentation of awards to the winners 2017

12:45h Generation Riesling – Discover the Future

14:15h Saale-Unstrut – Diversity at a high level

The Saale-Unstrut Wine

growers Association presents a unique, multi-faceted cultural landscape and diversity in the glass

15:30h Vineyard meets sea: Oysters and German Wines

Tasting in support of Wine Saves Life e.V.

Tuesday, 21 March

11:00h Bursting with Flavour – Tasting of modern German aromatic grape varieties

13:00h Strong vines are what the country needs

Wines from fungus-resistant grape varieties presented by Martin Darting on behalf of the ECOVIN Association for Ecological Viticulture