Germany’s vintners expect early harvest

csm Rebblüte 1 0087522389Lehdistötiedote 10.6.2020

In warm regions in Germany the blooming of vines began end of May. This is eight to ten days earlier than the 30-year average. However, due to cool and rainy weather during the past week, the further development was partially slowed down.

As a result, the vine bloom in cooler locations is still in full swing and at the same time the first small grapes can be found on the vines in numerous vineyards.

This development also has an impact on the start of the grape harvest. On average it begins around 100 days after the vine has bloomed. According to this, the first vineyards should be ready for the main harvest in early September. The very first so called ”Ferderweißer” (new wine partially fermented young wine) can probably be expected in mid-August.

All in all, Germany’s winemakers are currently optimistic and believe that the vine will continue to bloom well and hope that the fruit sets are going to develop accordingly, despite the long awaited rain. How the quantities and qualities will ultimately be presented in autumn will be determined by the weather in the next three months. It is to be hoped that the vineyards will be spared of excessive drought and other extreme weather conditions, which have increased significantly with climate change in recent years.