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csm Reifegrade e7a25cdb89Nature has been very generous to German vineyards this year. Vintners are blessed with an outstanding 2018 vintage. Find the results of The German Weininstitut's


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Trauben 1280 864The 2018 harvest will go down in history as a truly outstanding vintage. Despite the extreme water shortages, this year´s yields have turned out unexpectedly high even for


Lehdistötiedote, lokakuu 2018

Tutustu Saksan Viinitiedotuksen osastolla 5m49 maan laadukkaaseen viinituotantoon

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main harvest Germany optimisticLehdistötiedote, 29.8.2018

Water supply paramount in determining quality and quantity

As picking commences for Germany´s main harvest, which in most wine regions has begun exceptionally early this


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After a warm spring and a very sunny midsummer German grape harvest is due to begin unusually early this year. The first grapes for the young wine 'Federweißer' will be picked


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Summery temperatures observed throughout spring in Germany's winegrowing regions lead to high hopes regarding the vintage year of 2018. At present it is estimated that the


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Saksalaiset viinit tuovat kevään pöytään yli 50 ravintolassa ympäri Suomen

  • Keväiseen riehaan osallistuu yli 50 maineikasta ravintolaa 14 paikkakunnalta.
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Who's the coolest wine of all? The German Wine Institute (DWI) will give wine aficionados and experts their say on the matter through an online voting platform.

At ...

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Saksalaiset viinitilalliset maistattavat laadukkaita viinejään Vanhalla Ylioppilastalolla

  •  Riesling & The Other Grapes 2018 -tapahtuma järjestetään perinteisesti

Lehdistötiedote, marraskuu 2017

Early harvest, small volumes but good quality

The German 2017 grape wine harvest has yielded good to very good wine qualities with in many cases low volumes.


Tiedote, lokakuu 2017.

viini ruoka logo 2017Saksan Viinitiedotuksen osastolla 5k59 Saksan viinien laaja kirjo kokeiltavana

  • Saksan Viinitiedotuksen osastolla on runsaasti viinejä, joiden kautta voi tutustua maan

Wines of Germany will be back again with a strong presence at Vinexpo Bordeaux 18th-21th June. Do not miss to join the German pavilion in Hall 1 BD 308 with 15 exhibitors.

Please find attached our


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Tiedote kevät 2017

Riesling & Spätburgunder -viikot 8.–20.5.2017 tuovat kevään pöytään 44 ravintolan voimin ympäri Suomea

  • Kaksiviikkoinen kevätkampanja järjestetään tänä vuonna jo seitsemännen


PR Wines of Germany at ProWein 2017

Lehdistötiedote, helmikuu 2017

Generation Riesling Stand with 10 producers

“Bursting with Flavor: Germany´s Aromatics” – Such is the slogan of the German Wine Institute (DWI) at this year´s ProWein


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After a terrific ending to a very labour-intensive and turbulent season, German producers are very satisfied with the quality of the crop. Find The German Wine


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During early morning hours of november 30th 2016 icewine grapes were being harvested in Germany. After prior insular reports from Saxony (nov 21st) most of the other


Lehdistötiedote, marraskuu 2016

In most German winegrowing areas, a very relaxed 2016 harvest is drawing to a close. At the time of writing, in few regions picking is still underway for the


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Viini & Ruoka 2016 -messut Helsingin Messukeskuksessa 27–30.10.2016
Saksan Viinitiedotuksen osastolla 5k39 teemana Generation Riesling!

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Saksalaiset viinit juhlistavat kevättä Suomen 40 ravintolassa

  • Kaksiviikkoinen kevätkampanja järjestetään Suomen johtavissa ravintoloissa jo kuudennen kerran.
  • Tänä vuonna

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The German Wine Institute (DWI) will be showcasing medal winners from national and international competitions at this year´s ProWein trade fair in Duesseldorf from 13 – 15 March


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German wine exporters continued to focus on higher added value last year by exporting better-quality products but had to accept losses in terms of volume. As the German Wine


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IMG 4508Saksalaiset viinitilalliset maistattavat uutuuksiaan Vanhalla Ylioppilastalolla

  • Riesling & Co 2016 -tapahtuma järjestetään Vanhalla Ylioppilastalolla maanantaina 4.4.2016.


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Eisweintrauben am StockThe wait for the deep freeze was worth it after all. As the German Wine Institute (DWI) announced, on the 18 and 19 January many estates in almost all German wine growing